Progress on the Dress

Author: Sara Mueller

This morning’s alarming discovery was that this fabric doesn’t so much ravel as it simply evaporates.  The underskirt, as you can see below, came together nonetheless.  Later M.K. tested with pinking sheers and confirmed that they have no effect at all on the lack of surface tension of the silk to itself.  Tomorrow will see a lot of Fray-check used to keep the edges together between cutting and sewing.  It’s nasty plasticky stuff, but will be invisible inside the seams and I’ll actually have a seam allowance to work with.



Here’s the bustled petticoat, complete with a ruffled overlay to keep the wires from showing through the skirts.  M.K. put the overlay onto the petticoat and adjusted all the ties.  Then she went in and embroidered over the ends of the wires to keep them steadier in their channels.  I’m not sure why it’s called flossing, but it’s a lot of very pretty handwork that will keep the metal from sawing out of the cloth.






And here is the bustled underskirt, all seams rescued from evaporation by extremely careful handling.  The pattern didn’t make this skirt any too long, and while M.K. worked on the flossing and attaching the overlay, I rolled a handkerchief hem all the way around the bottom without causing evaporation.

The white bodice you see here is a muslin mock-up of the bodice that I’ll make out of the same fuchsia silk.  M.K. spent two hours tweaking the fit and basting in all the changes so that tomorrow I can pick apart the mock-up, mark the changes on the paper pattern.  Normally I’d use the muslin pieces as the pattern, but I need to add to some of the seam allowances.  Then, holding my breath, I’ll cut lining, interfacing, and finally the gorgeous and temperamental silk – doctoring the edges as I cut each piece.

I have the overskirt partly cut.  If I’m not about to tear my hair out after the paperwork for the bodice, I’ll cut the rest of the overskirt and apply goo to all the edges tomorrow.

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  1. tina connolly Says:

    This looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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