The Dress Project afternoon update

Author: Sara Mueller

The bodice lining is cut, darted, and awaiting use.

The boning for the bodice necessitated a trip to buy a bolt cutter, since in spite of all best efforts, M.K. and I cut some of the bones a quarter inch too long. Too short I can work with, too long is too much stabbing. Thus I carefully removed the laboriously applied boning tips without crushing them, bolt-cut the offending bones down a quarter inch each, and then carefully crimped the boning tips back on. Honestly, who knew that costuming sewing entailed bolt cutters?

Right now, the fit of the bodice looks dead on (pinned the shoulders, tried it on inside out over my corset).

SO. This evening when I take my child off to fencing lessons, I will be picking up the very last things I need. I need – more bias tape, because I’m a few inches short of what I need to sew the last bone onto the last seam. I need more thread, because if I run out while sewing the overskirt I will scream. And lastly, I need hook and eye tape for the front closure.

Then I will sew the bodice, trim the seams (and I’m sure there will be yet more Fray Check on every trim-cut), and finally, turn the whole thing right side out and check that it fits before sewing up the center back of the lining. If the fit is off, I have to take the boning off the seams to do anything like an adjustment. All good wishes and bribes to the powers of sewing are accepted.

For now, I’m off upstairs to clear off the table so I can pin and cut the material for the overskirt.

Update of the update – I found the rest of the bias tape.  Huzzah!  I have no idea how much train is practical on this bad girl.  Boo!

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2 Responses to “The Dress Project afternoon update”

  1. M.K. Hobson Says:

    Pictures! We demand pictures!!!

  2. Sara Mueller Says:

    Sadly, my phone update appears to have eaten some pictures. However, I will put up some more this evening. Suffice it to say that I have broken one needle and am learning to navigate the foot of my sewing machine to avoid the ends of the boning (It’s a bit tight. Next time I set the bones a half inch from the lower stitch line.)

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